Should a game be forfeited for any reason, the non-forfeiting team will be awarded two (2) points in the standings, and two (2) goals for. The forfeiting team will not be awarded any points and will receive two (2) goals against. Forfeited games cannot be rescheduled. Examples of Forfeits may include but are not limited to the following:

Illegal Players-

If a team plays with an un-rostered player, a player with no USA Hockey Number, or an illegal player, the team will forfeit the current game and risk disqualification.

Insufficient Amount of Players

A team must be able to start the game with five (5) players and one (1) goalie on the ice. More players may join their rostered team as the game continues but must check in with the scorekeeper or official before doing so.

Games may start 15mins early per tournament rules. It is up to the Tournament Director and/or Referee to allow the game to start at the originally scheduled time.