Teams will be provided a timed 3-minute warmup once the ice has been cleared, and pucks provided. Arrive early as games can start up to 15 minutes ahead of schedule.


Games will be played with two (2) 20-minute running clock. A running clock will not stop for any reason except a captain or official timeout, or what is listed below. Penalty times start on the next faceoff.

Intermission- 1 minute intermission between periods.

2 Goal Differential- If a team has a two (2) or more-goal lead with three (3) minutes left at the end of the second period, a stop clock will be initiated.

Mercy Rule- If one team has a six (6) goal lead after the first period, the game will conclude.

Penalty Shot- The clock will stop for a player to take a penalty shot after a penalty has been called. Clock will resume on the next drop of the puck.


Timeouts are not allowed in Round Robin games. Each team is allowed one (1) timeout per playoff game. Any captain or alternate captain of a team may request their timeout from an on-ice official. Timeouts will be limited to a timed one (1) minute.