Team Eligibility

How many players can play on a team?

Each rostered team is required to have a minimum of 10 skaters and 1 goalie and a maximum of 15 skaters and 2 goalies for each tournament. In order to qualify as a team for the KC Summer Showdown Championship, you must play in at least one qualifier. In order to qualify as a player for the KC Summer Showdown Championship, you must be rostered on the same team in at least one qualifier. Captains/team managers may add to their roster up to the maximum amount until the team’s first scheduled game. 

*Teams who wish to play in a different division must email the tournament director their case for movement at least one week prior to the start of games. 


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All players who participate in the tournament must have an up to date USA Hockey Number.

Player Eligibility

Can players play on multiple teams?

Yes! As a player, you may be rostered on as many teams as you like. Players can only play on one team per division. Players cannot be rostered on teams that are more than one skill division lower than that of regular league play. For example, an Elite level player may not be rostered on a B level team (based off of the example of Elite, A, B, C, D, Recreational). Women are allowed to play in any division regardless of this rule. In order to qualify for a team in the KC Summer Showdown Championship, a player must have been rostered with the same team during at least one qualifier.

*Players must play in the appropriate divisions. If a player is not playing in a division that is appropriate to their skill level, it is at the discretion of the tournament director to move the team to the correct division.