STEP 1: Summer Kickoff Qualifier Registration

This is the registration link for the $200 Deposit. After completion of this deposit, captains can then fill out the roster form. Information about how to pay the remaining $500 will be sent in an email when the deposit is made.

STEP 2: Summer Kickoff Qualifier Roster Upload

After captains pay the $200 deposit, they will use this form to upload their team roster with first and last names, USA Hockey Number, and player position. This form can be used multiple times to edit the roster.

Summer Kickoff Qualifier Free Agent Registration

If you would like to join our Free Agent pool, join here.

Registration for the Summer Kickoff Qualifier is now open!

Registration is team based. It is $700 per team to participate in each tournament. When registering, a $200 deposit is required and the other $500 is required before the registered team’s first game. All rosters must include the player’s full name, email, and USA Hockey Number. Rosters and deposits are due one (1) week before the first date of games. It will be the sole duty of the captain/team manager to turn in the team fee to the tournament director. If the captain or team manager fails to do so, the team will be disqualified from the tournament. Rosters will be checked by an official before every game. If a team plays with an un-rostered player, a player with no USA Hockey Number, or an illegal player, the team will forfeit the current game and risk disqualification.

Free Agent Sign Ups

Free Agent sign ups are $50 a person per tournament. If you are moved to an established team, your individual fee will be added to their overall team fee as if you had registered with them. If all teams are full, then (at the tournament Director's discretion) a Free Agent Team will be formed. 

Important note to Captains: 

If you are in need of a free agent player, please email John-Scott Dickson at at least 10 days prior to the tournament.