5001. SUSPENSIONS. All Suspensions will be reviewed by the League Commissioner and are not subject to debate. Additional penalties can occur pending on the severity of the infraction. League Commissioner reserves the right to remove anyone from the league for conduct detrimental to their team/league.

5001.1. Restrictions. If a player is suspended, they are not allowed to play for any other team in any division until suspension has been served. Players playing on multiple teams cannot play with either team until suspension has been served in the division in which the suspension was issued. Not allowed to sub for any other team as well.

For more information regarding Suspensions, refer to Chapter 5 of the Rule Book.

Player Status Team/League Time of Infraction Rule Violation Suspension Suspension Release Date
Nicholas Duncan Expired Grape Apes (Low Rec) 6:07/2nd 601(d) & 601(e) 2 Games 8/29/2020 @ 9:25 PM

Suspensions are removed from this page after the season ends, unless the suspension will carry over to the next season. Lifetime Bans are not listed.

Suspension Notices & Reports